About SVTA

SVTA is the Society for Veterinary Technology Assessment.

SVTA aims to promote the development and use of methods for the assessment of veterinary technologies (including  pharmaceuticals, diagnostic tests, and other medical and husbandry interventions).  This will help to improve the health and welfare of companion and food production animals and the efficiency and sustainability of food production.

Veterinary technologies are assessed by carefully identifying the various treatment and diagnostic options available, synthesising the relevant evidence, and then assessing the potential outcomes.

Formal technology assessment can directly aid decisions about treatment choice and funding. It can also help researchers and technology developers evaluate the potential value of new technologies and hence provide clear signals to guide research, investment, and policy decisions. Ultimately, effective assessment of veterinary technologies will help to improve animal welfare, agricultural and aqua-cultural efficiency, and the sustainability of food production.

Given the many stakeholders and decentralized nature of funding for veterinary healthcare, we believe there is a need for a forum to develop and promote effective veterinary technology assessment. In particular, the society will facilitate knowledge transfer from the human to the animal healthcare sector and foster the development of methodologies to address those challenges unique to the veterinary sector.

SVTA aims to promote discussion and collaboration between clinicians and researchers from a range of disciplines including clinical veterinary medicine, agricultural and aquacultural science, epidemiology, statistics, operational research, and economics. This dialogue will facilitate the development of rigorous and useful methods and practice.

The inaugural meeting of SVTA will be held on the 25th March 2014 in Dublin. This meeting precedes the annual meeting for the Society for Veterinary Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine (SVEPM) which is being held in Dublin (26th to 28th March 2014).


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